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My role

Concept, Art Direction, UI / UX Design

The Insight

The greatest moments in sports history have been burned into our memories for eternity. But what about the greatest moments of the over 90000 amateur german clubs? Together with 7Sports (ProSiebenSat.1) we asked ourselves: how can we create a stage for the thousands of sports heros?

The Idea

Our solution: YouSport – stream your team – a new brand and an app only for amateur sports. An app which makes it possible to watch and stream amateur sports and share the experience with a huge community. My role in this project was the identity branding from scratch as well as the initial ui / ux concept for the native app.


The Process

With the basic idea of this app in mind we only had one month to create a new brand and an app prototype from scratch (which in this case was an animated mockup / video i did) in order to pitch the concept to the decision maker. Luckily, the product team received the budget and realised the development of YouSport.


The Outcome

By launching YouSport into the world we made sports history: we connected thousands of amateur sports fans with each other and made them to film makers and streamers of their teams.

YouSport Awardreel


Art Direction, UI & UX: Steven König
Concept: Vinzenz Gebhardt, Steven König
Head of YouSport: Andreas Killi
Product Manager: Stefan Zant

This project was created while working at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. All rights reserved by ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. ©2018

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