Jim Beam Platform Relaunch


Jung von Matt

My role

Art Direction, UI Design Lead


The Briefing

In 2015 Jung von Matt was briefed by Jim Beam to relaunch their website and rollout a complete new design to all core markets (30+ countries). Worldwide. My role in that team was to design a mobile first platform while also assuring a great product presentation.

The Idea

In order to develop a digital homebase for bourbon enthusiasts we created interactive hero product pages, a mixology section with special recipes and a history and craft area: the home of bourbon.


The Process

In the beginning of our agile development we sketched wireframes, presented visual drafts (full pages) to the client and then switched into 'atomic mode'. In order to develop a fully customizable platform due to different core markets I established a design system which offered section and component templates. Later on, brand managers could easily compile their brand pages by their individual needs.


The Outcome

Jim Beam finally broke out of inheriting isolated market websites and established one customizable, mobile first home base for all bourbon lovers – worldwide. The responsive platform also grew in relevant content and is now worthy of the world's no. 1 bourbon.


This project was created while working at Jung von Matt. All rights reserved by Jung von Matt. ©2016

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