GNTM Digital Stylist


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My role

Creative Direction, UI / UX Design

The Insight

The GNTM 'Umstyling' is the most watched tv episode in every season. Why? Because everybody is interested in the transformation of the top 20 models. We wanted to give this special episode a digital pre-boost.

The Idea

We created a mobile-first web app where our users slipped into the role of a professional stylist: they were able to change the look of each model to a realistic 3D hairstyle and colour as well. My role in this team was the direction of the hairstyles as well as the ui / ux concept: I wanted the users to enjoy a clean and simple product. 'GNTM Digital Stylist' was launched one week before the actual on air broadcast. We later on also featured the real 'after'-looks of the models as well.


The Process

For the production part we shot every model in two states. First, their original, true appearance and second, with their hair tied back. In post production a 3d agency created the hair styles and face tracked them onto the original footage. For the ux concept you basically had two navigational options: swipe through all the available models horizontally and then stylize them via the individual color buttons.


The Outcome

Not only did our 'umstyling' web app raise user engagement and create even more anticipation for the upcoming tv episode of GNTM – it was also the most visited site on our platform and created up to 5 minutes average time spent on our websites. Pretty neat.


Creative Direction: Steven König
Director of Photography: Daniel Ernle, Patrick Sean Kennedy
UI & UX: Steven König, Kevin Dreher
3D Modelling & Post Production: Daniel Ernle
Development: Simon Bail
Digital Concept: Steven König, Salome Huzel

This project was created while working at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. All rights reserved by ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. ©2020

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