Volkswagen up! Platform

Volkswagen up! Platform

Small is great.


In 2011 Volkswagen launched its smallest car in all international markets: the VW up! Our creative team was briefed to introduce this new product to the digital audience. The up! was especially designed for a younger audience as well as for an urban environment.


We developed an international long lead platform with plenty of creative contents: 360° views and interactive videos of the car, designer interviews and Small Great Places – the places that make a city great to live in. People could add their favourite places in Europes most fascinating cities and therefore those places were implemented into each cars navigation system called maps + more. Generated online, experienced offline.


Not only did we successfully introduce a new Volkswagen to the car family and digital audience we also created the first user generated navigation system – provided by the new up!


Client: Volkswagen AG
Agency: DDB Tribal
Creative Direction: Thomas Bober
Senior Art Direction: Jörg Meyer, Philip Simon,
Art Direction: Nuno Marcelino, Monika Spindler
UI / UX & Motion Design: Steven König
Copy: Manuel Frank, Leoni Klump

This project was created while working at DDB Tribal. All rights reserved by DDB Tribal. ©2011

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