Jim Beam Platform Relaunch

Jim Beam Platform Relaunch

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When you are distilling the world's no. 1 bourbon you also need a digital home that represents that. In 2015 Jung von Matt was briefed by Jim Beam to relaunch their website and rollout a complete new design to all core markets. Worldwide.


In order to develop a digital homebase for bourbon enthusiasts we created interactive hero product pages, a mixology section with special recipes and a history and craft area: the home of bourbon.


Jim Beam finally broke out of inheriting isolated market websites and established one home base for all bourbon lovers – worldwide. The responsive platform also grew in relevant content and is now worthy of the world's no. 1 bourbon.


Client: Jim Beam
Agency: Jung von Matt
Creative Direction: Sven Loskill, Robert Andersen
Art Direction & Design Lead: Steven König
Copy & Concept: Janna Grammersdorf
Design: Victor Kopt
Development: Orlando Hohmeier, Peter Klostermann, Tobias Althoff, Chris Roeingh
Project Management: Jane Böhmler, Kai Ebert
Motion Design: Steven König

This project was created while working at Jung von Matt. All rights reserved by Jung von Matt. ©2015

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